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Join Forces

- Courtney Goe -

Hello all, and welcome to the first installment of our blog, Forge Collective. We're ecstatic over the chance to share with you the things that inspire us not just in the workshop, but in our day to day lives also. In the coming weeks we'll be sharing our favorite artists, blogs, fascinating geology facts, thrilling travel spots, and a little dose of astrology for the coming month. This is also the place to find sneak peeks of upcoming releases, as well as to learn more about our jewelry and the rad people who make it.

When we decided to start this blog in the spring, our thoughts turned immediately to emerald. This stone's rich, grassy green goes unrivaled in the gemstone kingdom.

Their natural inclusions, often referred to as the jardin in the emerald, evoke spring's new growth and plants freshly sprouted. Ancient jewelers believed that emerald's cool blue-green actually helped with eye strain, and would keep one near the bench to soothe their eyes after long hours at work. In a similar vein, its' energy is also said to strengthen intuition and divination. A stone that humanity has prized since ancient Egypt, emerald has been used for everything from protection from magicians and poison to determining your sweetheart's true feelings.

Despite its' reputation as a stone with very calm energy, its' beginnings are a lot more dramatic. Emerald crystals can form in one of two ways. One of these is through hydrothermal processes, the other is igneous intrusion. Hydrothermal processes are when super-heated, mineral-rich solutions pass through cracks and crevices in existing sedimentary rock. Igneous intrusions occur when magma encounters, and changes, existing rock. In both of these situations, you need extreme heat and the right elements to be present for emerald to crystallize. Some of these are abundant like silicon and oxygen, but the trace minerals that cause emerald’s gorgeous green hues are rare. Chromium causes most emerald green, but more recent discoveries have unearthed emerald colored by vanadium.

It isn't just drama, heat, and change that create emerald. They also need space, time, and the eventual cooling of the host rock, or they'll never see the light of day.

All this called to mind our current astrological climate. It seems we are about to be in two concurrent retrogrades, both Mars and Mercury.

Mercury seems to be going retrograde every time we check our horoscopes, and this will be its second retrograde of the year. Mars retrogrades are a little less common, happening once every two years. Fiery Mars energies, which usually blaze around and get things done, will be dampened during this period. Communicative Mercury will pause for a moment to think. This is a time when the theoretical "magma" in your life, brilliant new ideas or plans yet to be solidified, can start to cool down and crystallize into something real. This is a time to think about what it is you really want, what it is that motivates your flaming Mars power. This energy is only amplified by Mercury's occultation on Sunday, May 9th. This means Mercury will be passing in front of the Sun, an event that happens about 14 times a century. Use this restful, reflective energy to determine what you want most and how you're going to get it.


Thank you for coming by! Make sure to check back here soon, there are some really exciting things coming up in the near future.



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