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Lunar Love

- Elizabeth Mikutowicz -

On May 6 we had the good fortune of experience a supermoon; our third of the year and the third which occurred in succession. Talk about a magical trinity! A supermoon occurs when a new or full moon is at the closest point to the earth on its elliptical orbit.

As you can imagine this is a somewhat rare occurrence; we will only encounter six supermoons this year, with the next occurring in October. The supermoon we experienced on May 6 was a new moon, and although we did not see it, its presence was surely still felt. Physical manifestations of the supermoon can be seen in intensified tides, which are largely created by the pull of the moon’s gravity. Similar to the lunar effect on the tides, you might have felt more intensified emotions in the days leading up to and following the supermoon. A new moon is always a great time to embrace new beginnings or start something new, and a new supermoon is a time when these fresh starts may hold even more importance or be more amplified. Whatever your new beginning or transition, embrace the celestial influence in your life during this time.

We’ve also seen a celestial influence on high fashion recently; most notably in Alexander McQueen’s forthcoming Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The line debuted with a hauntingly beautiful runway show in London earlier this year. 

The brains behind operation, Sarah Burton—whom is creative director for the fashion house, described the feeling of the line as, “a state where reality and dreams become blurred”. The pieces are ethereal yet bold, feminine and strong. We saw star studded chokers draped with chains, juxtaposed with featherweight fabrics that seemed to float along the runway. The standout piece in the collection is a cloaked, floor-length gown bejeweled with a heavy sprinkling of stars and moon phases. Nicole Kidman transfixed us when she donned the dress recently at the Met Gala on May 2nd.

Her milky white complexion appeared to glow in stark contrast to the gown, which was inky black like a midnight sky. The cloak was as delicate as a cobweb and the celestial motifs called to mind a powerful sorceress.

Bring a little celestial magic into your daily fashion with our Moon of My Life ring. Like our favorite sorceress gown, this ring is elegant, refined, and decisively bold. Whether you are embarking on new endeavors with the new supermoon or simply continuing in your daily rituals, this lunar cabochon is sure to ground you and remind you of your integral part in this universe.

Haute High

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