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Enchanting Estonia

- Elizabeth Mikutowicz -

Summer is nearly upon us and we are dreaming of all the places we'd like to explore.

First on our list is Estonia. Think rugged coastline facing the Baltic Sea, gorgeous green country-side dotted with castles, and a moody climate with either hours of darkness or hours of sunlight depending on what season you visit. If Iceland is Brooklyn, then Estonia is Pittsburgh; cool in its distinct differences from neighboring lands and yet doesn't feel like it's exploded into the tourist spotlight just yet.

Despite being part of the former Soviet Bloc this country has a rich and vibrant culture. The capital city is Tallinn, which we think is such a badass name! Here you'll find a modern society mixing with gothic history from the middle ages. It has a well preserved walled old city with dozens of watchtowers still in place. The gently winding cobblestone streets and medieval buildings might have you feeling like you're in a fairytale. 

If old growth forests and wild nature is more your pace, then head to any of Estonia’s national parks for hiking the trails or canoeing the rivers and lakes. More than 50% of the country is comprised of forests so you’ll have no issues getting back to nature here. Don’t forget your binoculars, bird and wildlife watching abounds in this wild landscape. We’re hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the many magical predatorial beasts that call Estonia home, including brown bears, foxes, lynxes, and wolves. 

Medieval cities and lush green forests aren’t the only magical things about this country. Yep, there’s more! If you’re like us and enjoy shopping local farmers markets for seasonal foods then you’re going to freak out over the Estonian approach to cuisine. Nordic and Estonian culinary traditions are heavily rooted in the use of fresh, local and seasonal foods. Think clean and simple dishes where you can really taste each ingredient. Things we can’t wait to try: alder wood smoked fish, hearty black rye bread, and wild mushroom stew!

If you want to see the magic that is Estonia from an artist who is all about celebrating the beauty, mystery, and otherworldliness of the country, then watch Kerli's music video for the song Feral Hearts:

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