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Kinship with Ruben Ireland

- Elizabeth Mikutowicz -

Imagine you are walking in the woods; you hear birds cooing and chirping, the crunch of rocks and bark beneath your feet, the gurgle of a stream. Breathe in and the smell of peaty earth and sagebrush fills your lungs. You feel the sun warming your skin and a gentle breeze cooling you. In this all-encompassing environment it’s easy to see how one might feel inspired.

As artists we are often inspired on a daily basis, from the nature that surrounds us to the work of other artists. One such artist is Ruben Ireland. Ruben is a prolific artist whom has been on the “art map” for some time now, showing at major galleries around the world. He often uses imagery of women, birds, and horned animals which suggests strong femininity. The animals appear both with women and as women, as if spirit guides or spirit animals. Ruben employs the use of both simple, clean lines and highly intricate details, which are often seen in the eyes, hair, and hands. His use of color is strong and deliberate with a stark darkness and bright paleness. There’s a subtle undertone of occultism. His work is slightly dark, and yet breathes life; slightly erotic and as though is it of another shadowy realm. It is simply put, magical.


In describing Ruben’s work it’s as if we are describing our own. Our jewelry and his art share a kinship. That’s why we are inspired by, connected to, and love his art. If you also feel a connection to his work you can purchase prints through Gauntlet, a gallery that represents him. If you’re looking for something a little more specific try Society 6, they offer everything from t-shirts to tote bags to stationary. What’s your spirit animal? Are you a delicate and insightful winged animal or a strong horned creature?

If you want to channel your own spirit animal, keep it close to you and allow the inspiration to take hold by wearing the Passer Ring, cast from a delicate sparrow foot, or the Cervidae Pendant or Studs, which is cast from an elk tooth. 


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