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Blooms + Bones, The Wooden Tarot Feature

What hurdles have you recently overcome? What current situation are you passing through? What challenges or transitions await you? Are you embarking on a new career path, in a new relationship, contemplating a move, or wondering what path your life will take generally? Whether conducting an open reading or a more specific question reading, these are all questions we may ask of the tarot.

The tarot that we know and love today, the 78 card deck used for divination, can be dated back to the 18th century. While tarot cards were in existence as early as the 14th and 15th centuries they may not have been used for divinatory purposes. There is no definitive answer on where the cards originated, but one strong theory suggests ancient Egypt as the birthplace of tarot.

When selecting a tarot deck, it’s important to consider how it impacts and influences you; and what kind of connection you feel. There are many different tarot decks available, each with their own unique depictions of the minor and major arcana. The unique art can play a large role in the connection we feel to a particular deck.

One tarot deck that is particularly stunning is done by Skull Garden. The artist behind the brand is A.L. Swartz, based out of Atlanta. The artistry of The Wooden Tarot is exquisite and it’s certainly not your typical tarot deck. In fact, the minor arcana are typically depicted as pentacles, wands, cups, and swords; but in this deck they are depicted as bones, stones, blooms, and plumes.

The heavy influence of flora, fauna, and scientific style illustration are executed so well and in such a unique way for this tarot deck! Bones and plumes are obviously big hits here are Birds N Bones, and once you take a peek at this deck it’ll be easy to see why we love it so much. It's also amazing to see when a small maker gets help to bring their dreams and work into reality; we were so thrilled to see (after researching for this post) that A.L. Swartz received $24,000 via Kickstarter to get this deck made... Did we mention Swartz only asked for 11K? Pretty freaking awesome! 

You can purchase this magical deck here.

There are are many ways to interpret your cards and the layout is just as important as the deck itself or questions asked. For great images and descriptions on how to conduct different spreads, ranging from simple spreads with few cards to more advances options, check out this article

To aid in connecting you with seeing more than what's on this plane, we have our Taxidermy Eye Rings in both small and large. These were one of our first designs and they really set a tone for what we wanted our brand to resonate with.

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