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Bugs Abound

- Elizabeth Mikutowicz -
With the release of our new collection (which some of you go-getters may have already seen) we have bugs on mind! We're going totally buggy! We're buggin' out over here. Okay you get where we're taking this, but point being, we so love arthropods and are fascinated by their beauty that we decided to devote a whole collection them. We love that other artists are also inspired by this fascinating phylum-and not just in the world of jewelry-but also in high fashion and traditional textile arts.

Weaving can be said to be the basis of modern day fashion. Once a necessity to clothe families and tribes, then a skill used to produce income; and while still used for both reasons, today it has evolved and developed to such a degree that it seems the sky is the limit when it comes to creative production and uses of woven fabrics. Take for example this magical piece:

Can you guess what fiber was used to weave this? Would you believe us if we told you it came from a spider? Yep, true fact. This cloth was woven from the silk of these guys, Golden Orb spiders, more than 1 million spiders to be more precise.

The spiders were collected from the wild in Madagascar, and the silk filament harvested by a team of nearly 100 people over the course of four years. Each spider contributed roughly 80 yards of silk filament, by way of a hand powered silk harvesting machine which ensured the spiders were not harmed during this process. Not surprisingly, this is the largest existing piece of spider silk cloth in the world. How about "spider handler" for your next gig? And yes, they do bite!
Even high fashion is on the bug loving train. With Alexander McQueen AW16 show featuring designs adorned with insects, Gucci's lady bug tie, and Dior's gloves crawling with cute bugs.
If you prefer to admire from a distance like us, then our new collection is perfect for you. The Darkling Beetle + Branch Necklace perfectly encapsulates flora and fauna, in a harmonious partnership, just as you might find this little beetle in the wild. It's only available until September 6- so don't beet-le around the bush, 'cause you might miss out! ;) 
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