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Cappadocia Calling

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- Elizabeth Mikutowicz -
Settling into the new year we're beginning to think about what projects we want to take on and what the new year will hold; including what Dark Ventures await!

If you're looking for you next Dark Venture dream destination, then look no further than Cappadocia, Turkey. Cappadocia is located in Anatolia, in the heart of modern day Turkey. This landlocked, high elevation region experiences extreme seasons, including cold snowy winters and hot arid summers.

Cappadocia is high on our list for its other worldly dream-like vibe; topography so unique it could be another planet, or something from a Star Wars film, but it's a place that simultaneously allows you to imagine life on earth as it was centuries ago. It holds value for its unique geology, culture, and history. The region is a hikers dream with many valleys, aptly named for their unique geological features, such as the Rose Valley, Love Valley, and Pigeon Valley. "Fairy chimneys" are another unique geological feature and are the result of volcanic activity. Over centuries, the sedimentary rocks and deposits eroded away, leaving towers of volcanic deposits

Its cultural heritage includes cave dwellings and several well developed underground cities. Some of the earliest cave dwellings date back to the 9th century and others were used as places for clandestine religious worship. Remarkably, some of the original frescoes are still intact!

For a truly authentic Cappadocian experience, follow this expert itinerary:

1. Start with a hot air balloon ride at the crack of dawn to get the lay of the land. Silently floating above the region's unique topography will truly make you feel like you're exploring another planet. You'll be taking to the skies along with dozens of other hot air balloons, which creates a breathtaking spectacle in itself.
hot air balloon cappadocia
2. Get a closer look and even explore the cave dwellings and geological wonders with a hike through one of the many valleys. Shown below is the Rose Valley.
rose valley Cappadocia
3. Unwind with a trip to a Turkish Bath, where an attendant with scrub you down, lather you up, and massage every muscle kink.
turkish bath

4. Staying in Cave Hotel is a MUST. Yep, you read that correctly! Fulfill your fantasies of what it would be like to actually live in a cave dwelling, but with all the modern conveniences we know and love.  
cave hotel
5. Take a piece of the region home in the form of a gorgeous handwoven kilim. Not only is this a regional art that your support will help to keep alive (along with the artisans that make them) but each motif has a special meaning, and their are literally hundreds of unique kilim to choose from! The process can be a multi-hour affair as you view the dozens of options, learn about the motifs and origins, and sip several cups of tea throughout.
We know, you're about to go grab your passport- and we can't blame you! To echo the graphic architecture of Turkish Baths and kilims designs, make sure to pick up some geometric pieces from our Simplex Collection before heading on your Dark Venture. 
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