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Dark Sisters + Solar Eclipses

- Courtney Goe -

Complex. Layered. These are the words that spring to mind when contemplating our current astrological climate. Between Mercury stationing retrograde, a solar eclipse in Virgo, and Mars conjunct Saturn, there is a whole lot going on. Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are all working together right now. This positive aspect has effects on many areas of life; love and affection, opportunities of all sorts, and the information and communicative skills to accomplish your goals. Mercury, however, will be slow-moving until it reaches its next retrograde period on August 30. Thankfully, the aforementioned help of Jupiter and Venus will soften its effects. Retrogrades are an excellent time to slow down with Mercury, and look back at what might be influencing our current situations. Is there something in your past you just can’t let go? Allow yourself to bask in Venus and Jupiter’s love and luck, and think on that a spell. Don’t allow past events to hold you back from the positivity these planets may bring.

Of course, not everything in life is relaxation and reflection. Mars seems to be an important planet in 2016, a year where there has been a lot to fight for. As we’ve mentioned in previous astrology posts, Mars is the warrior of the Zodiac. Unrestrained passion, energy, and desire are the trademarks of Mars. Its current position conjunct Saturn is a curious one, as Saturn represents very nearly the opposite. Saturn regulates you, Saturn holds you back. Saturn adores boundaries, guidelines, structures. It operates on wisdom. Mars is youth telling you, “Go for it!” Saturn is the Crone telling you to think for a bit. While this may seem like an aspect that could stagnate things, quite the opposite can be true. Passion and drive are more effective when tempered with wisdom and planning.

On top of all this, the sun will be moving into Virgo and undergoing an eclipse. Virgo is helpful and attentive to detail. It is also analytical and incredibly organized. Another almost contradictory aspect, as solar eclipses always have an effect on the big picture. This is not a time to ignore even the smallest messages or signs, as they can have a large impact. Eclipses are dramatic, and they generally signify the end of one thing and the beginning of another. They can reveal truths, intentions, and startling news. Although eclipses can be trying, they’re usually ultimately good. All these aspects at once seem to be asking us to shed dead weight, and move forward into a brighter future.

Current horoscopes could seem incredibly positive, or not so much, depending on how you look at it. Labradorite is similar in that regard. From one angle, it looks like a plain grey or green rock; but when you view from a different angle it lights up. This is another fascinating phenomena caused by complexity and layers. An effect so unique it is named after the stone, “labradorescence” is a dazzling flash of color that occurs when the stone is moved in the light. Labradorite is composed of minute layers of intergrown albite and plagioclase feldspars. These forms of feldspar both effect light in different ways, so as it passes through them it is bent and then bent again. The light passes though these different layers, and is transformed.

Labradorite is a stone strongly associated with Crone energies; it is the dark sister of rainbow moonstone. It helps enhance our divinatory abilities and our capacity for useful introspection. It is said that wearing this stone can alleviate hopelessness, anxiety, and depression; things which all these contradictory aspects could potentially produce. It is a stone for easing the discomfort that usually surrounds a major change, making it perfect for eclipses. It gives the clarity of thought to analyze and release the things from our past that no longer help us, and this will be even more true with Mercury’s current state. To make the most of this time, you’ll need courage and intuition, and labradorite can provide this. You may even notice a rise in positive synchronicity while wearing this stone, something that could help majorly in a time so connected to luck and big picture events.

Wearing this stone could be a useful shield as you pass through the layers of cosmic energy in the coming weeks. Will you allow your light to be transformed? Let our Claw Prong Pendant set with labradorite enhance your inner Crone wisdom and perseverance; as well as show off your outer Venus-influenced babe style.

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