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Dragon Country

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- Elizabeth Mikutowicz -

Imagine you're on a hilltop overlooking expansive, undulating hills in various shades of gray, black, gold, and red. Looking down at your feet you notice fossilized plants. The place feels ancient, other worldly, like you might just see a dragon swoop overhead.

Painted Hills

Sounds like fantasy, but it's a real place called the Painted Hills. One of the 7 Wonders of Oregon, the hills are aptly named after the beautiful colors they posses. A hot bed of fossilized flora and fauna, the colorful striations are a result of the geological eras in which the hills were formed.
Not surprisingly, we selected the Painted Hills as the backdrop for our Curio Draconis Lookbook. The Curio Draconis Collection was inspired by dragons, so it seemed fitting to shoot in a locale that emanated that vibe. We love the mythical aspect of these creatures that were both revered and feared, protector and hunter. They are associated with wisdom and longevity, and thought to have supernatural powers. On the other hand dragons are often depicted as fire breathing or poisonous creatures that may pray on farm animals. Whether depicted in as good or evil, we're majorly into dragons and who goes better with dragons than anyone? Khalessi, of course!
The fashion and styling for the Curio Draconis Lookbook pulled major inspiration from our favorites G.O.T. badass. Birds N Bones friend Whitney Weber created the wardrobe by hand. We wanted three looks for the shoot: one that was more feminine and whimsical, one that was warrior inspired, and lastly a subtly sexy version that was a mix of both.

BNB Khaleesi Shoot
BNB Khaleesi Shoot
BNB Khaleesi Shoot
BNB Khaleesi Shoot
BNB Khaleesi Shoot
BNB Khaleesi Shoot
Photographer : Autmn Northcraft
Model : Neal Haley
Makeup : Marie Marx
We commissioned Whitney to make the pieces after we saw a dress she made for a comic convention she attended and thought, this lady can do anything! That's why her Instagram handle is Tinker Tailor Illustrator, she can literally do it all! We couldn't be more pleased with the way all the aspects of the shoot played together. The Painted Hills worked so well with theme and the styling completely complimented the jewelry.

If you'd like to see the full Lookbook or shop the collection visit:
Dark Venture Inside Scoop Kinship

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