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Dreaming of Home in the New Year

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- Abbie Plouff -

2018 has begun on a dreamy note, with January’s full moon in Cancer falling on the first day of the year. This moon waded in Cancer’s supportive, nurturing waters to help us focus on our intentions for the year, to connect not just with our goals, but with how we want to feel in 2018. Cancer is all about creating home, building up your resources and being strategic about your work in the world. This moon sets the tone for the year.

It’s beautiful, after the tumult of 2017, that we’re starting 2018 with a Full Moon in Cancer.

Whatever home means for you, this year will support you in creating your nest. Let’s define home broadly - home can be your physical home, but it can also be your community home, your intellectual home, your creative home. Home can be your favorite book, a person or group of people, music that sings your soul, the creative project that makes you feel 100% yourself, anything. It’s a feeling, not necessarily a place.

Cancer is also an incredibly imaginative sign. All water signs are dreamy, but Cancers have a focus and drive that pushes forward. Like a rushing river, rather than a still lake, Cancer takes an idea and runs with it. Let this first full moon of 2018 inspire action, inspire ideas and the follow through necessary to meet them. Take some time this week to look over your goals for 2018, and relate them to both your imagination and your goals for home.

Here at Birds N Bones, our team is looking forward to the New Year with a fresh perspective and brimming with creative ideas. Our little family here at Birds N Bones is growing, and our dreams are growing with it.


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The feeling of home for me comes from having a routine. I hope to create one in 2018 that I can really settle into; doing mindful meditations, carving out set times to read educational books (like Anatomical Venus, Symbols and Myth, Do Cool Sh*t, and Witch), create dates with myself where I explore Portland, and continue to push Birds N Bones on anyone who will give me the time of day ;)

In terms of my actual home, I’ve been decorating and nesting in a way that I haven’t had the opportunity for before. My parents and grandmother are actually moving in with me for a few months before they find a house in Portland for themselves so that will be a huge transition from living alone, but a welcomed one. I've been hanging the dried flowers, gnarled branches, and other natural objects I've been collecting and creating still life moments with the throughout my home to bring little moments of joy when I see them.

2018 will be about curating the things, activities, and people in my life. I hope to refocus, relearn, and rediscover the magic within me that I really feel drained of from 2017.




A couple months ago I celebrated the first anniversary of my business, Mystic Sister, but it felt bittersweet. I had grown a bit, but I wasn’t where I wanted to be, and much of that was down to my own lack of drive. Now, as we begin 2018, I feel like I’ve come home to Mystic Sister, like I’ve really begun to shape it into what I hoped it would be when I first conceived of it.

Much of this shaping is going on behind the scenes; it’s not the most Instagramable process. That’s okay, though. I am not a beautifully put-together, well-manicured creation; I am a human being. I have flaws and struggles. I am a mess. But I revel in this. This truth is my home, and it comforts me when I realize that we are all just human, and no one really looks like their profile photo.

I am 25, and I still live at home with my dad. There are times when I hate it, but most of the time I’m just happy to have someone who supports me so unconditionally. Not having to pay rent or utilities means that I can pour more of my money into Mystic Sister without worrying that I’ll end up having to choose which home is more important to me. I have a place to rest my body while I do the work that nourishes my soul.

I’ve begun this year with an intense focus, and, for the first time in a long time, I feel like I can see where I’m going. This year is a High Priestess year, and I plan to channel her intensity and quest for truth as I go about creating the home I both want and need.



Word for the year: Generous

Generosity means that I’m focused on building the personal resources and stores to be able to give to my community, but also it’s a reminder to be generous with myself about what I need and crave.

There’s another side to this: I’m focusing this year on trusting the universe and my guides.

The last two months have had me decide to take a major leap, leave my day job, and move to be closer to my chosen family. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m working on trusting myself, my instincts.

I’m also hoping to expand my own business, Northern Lights Witch, in 2018. I’ll be contributing more to my local community, through attending events monthly, and through a new partnership with a queer/femme group, Girlpond Productions. I’ll be reading tarot weekly at a cute little feminist, kitschy shop and I’m so grateful for the community support.

I’m preparing for an artist residency at The Future Minneapolis, and committing to more writing and creativity in 2018. I’ve always been a writer, and used to adore sketching and fine arts, but have fallen out of the habit of it. Recently, I took up sketching again and am allowing myself to express my creativity in many different ways - playing with form, medium, topic, texture to sort through this world.

May 2018 allow me to build a home that is nurturing, creative, and connected to purpose and community.


At Birds N Bones, we are all so grateful to have you along for the ride! What are your dreams for the New Year? How are you looking to push yourself and nurture yourself in 2018?

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