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- Courtney Goe -

Have you ever wandered through a natural history museum, wishing you could take some of the incredible specimens home? Well, there is a shop in Manhattan’s SoHo district that you need to know about. It is called Evolution, and it is supplied by the same paleontologists and anthropologists who supply museums and private collections. In addition to their mounted specimens and minerals, they also carry art, jewelry and a lot more. This is the type of shop that can be overwhelming in the best possible way, so we’d like to share some of our favorite items from around the store.

evolution store

evolution store

evolution store

Evolution carries a wide range of framed, mounted, and domed natural specimens. You know that we love our bugs here at Birds N Bones, and Evolution is a store that understands us. The captivating color and shine of the Bullet Jewel Beetle and the Deep Green Frog Legged beetle caught my eye immediately.

evolution store green beetle

evolution store green frog beetle

Another favorite is the Ice Beetle, offered here in a stunning deep blue. These beetles have some of the widest color range you’ll find, including blue, scarlet, green, and combinations of these colors.

ice blue beetle evolution store

If beetles aren’t your thing, may I suggest the Purple Swallowtail Butterfly. Some may think it cuts a less intimidating figure, but it is no less vivid and beautiful.

 evolution store butterfly

Another stunning item up for grabs in Evolution is their Domed Bat Skeleton. These are prepared by hand in store, and every one is unique. This is a must have for anyone who wants to make their mantel just a little bit (or a lot) more goth. While you’re at it, you should probably check out their human skull replica as well! And if you’re going to go all out witchy with your décor, they have an incredible malachite box. Malachite strengthens your heart and your communicative abilities, and is a powerful protective stone.

bat skeleton evolution store

human skull

malachite box evolution store 

If you’re looking for 2D home décor, Evolution has a wide variety of prints by Albertus Seba’s masterpiece, Thesaurus. This was an incredibly important scientific work, compiled during his time as a pharmacist. He’d ask sailors to bring back strange plants and animal products from their travels to make different medicines, and his work later influenced Charles Darwin.

 illustration evolution store

More into science than aesthetics? Evolution has something for you as well. A great start for your scientific journey would be picking up their Correlated History of Earth poster. This is an incredibly detailed reference material, and Evolution can help you access it with a glance. You can use that handy chart while you study their amber with insect inclusions, and a Campo del Cielo meteorite shard. Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to learn by building something instead of just observing, and their metal and snap-together models are incredible for that purpose. My personal favorite is the Anatomical Snap-Together Scorpion kit, but they have many more to offer. 

insect in amber

stone sample

snap together scorpion


Is your hunger for natural history not quite satisfied? Well, no worries. Evolution also has a selection of snacks, but with a twist. Everything listed on their snack section includes insects! Although not the norm for palettes in the United States, various insects are enjoyed as food the world over, and it is apparently one of the most efficient proteins you can get. Not to mention, their insect lollipops (especially the Scorpion lollipop) are strangely beautiful. If you’ve already visited, either in person or online, you’ve most likely faced bat skeletons, a swarm of glittering insects, and illustrations of beasts real and imagined. Why not take it one step further, and observe natural history in a new way?

 scorpion lollipops

We are so glad you’ve stuck with us for our journey through Evolution store. Hopefully you’ll visit and be as awestruck as we were, plus you can try on and get some of our pieces in person there!

Evolution is located at 687 Broadway, New York NY, 10012, or online here.

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