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Goddess Tears + Cosmic Growth

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When you are interested in astrology, you live in fear of the next Mercury retrograde. Communication breaks down at an interpersonal level, technology fails, and if you’re anything like me you may even be extra clumsy. If you’ve been following the Forge Collective blog for a while, we’ve covered them a couple times now. I’m sure telling you we’re in a double retrograde period may strike fear into your heart, but don’t fret! The Jupiter and Venus retrograde period is a different phenomenon entirely.

Jupiter rules abundance and growth. If you applied the general thoughts on Mercury retrograde to this aspect, it would seem pretty rough. Luckily, this is not the case. This type of retrograde is less chaotic, slower, a time to pause. Jupiter retrograde is a time to think about and appreciate what you have, as well as a time to grow your wealth. The key to maximizing this aspect is generosity and good intentions. This is not a time when greed or deceit will get you where you would like to go. During this time Jupiter will oppose Neptune, which may make you feel restless; or reckless. You may be tempted to just rest and avoid responsibilities, but the rewards for facing them head on will be great. This retrograde period started February 6 and will last until June 9. Make the most of it!

jupiter sailor moon

The Venus retrograde period is not quite here yet. It will start March 4 and last for six weeks. Venus shows you how to act to get what you really want in life. It rules luxury, finances, love, comfort, and our physical senses. Again, these aspects of life being in retrograde may seem like a bad thing. Retrogrades are always time to turn a part of our psyche inward, and this type is no different. Like the Jupiter retrograde period, this is a time to think about the value of different relationships. Differences between you and those in your life, including romantic partners, will become more apparent. You’ll be able to more easily assess; is this person good for me? Do they take more than they are willing to give back? Venus in retrograde will reveal the “psychic vampires” in your life. Keep in mind however; the retrograde period is more a time to think on these things than act on them. Wait until after the retrograde to make any big decisions. It is also good to wait until after this period to make any big purchases you cannot return; this aspect can make us a little hasty with luxury goods! The one exception to this is antique hunting. This retrograde often means finding a dream vintage item for a bargain.

These astrological conditions, as well as being in the watery Pisces time of year, made me think of pearls. These gems have been coveted for thousands of years, since at least 2300 BCE. Pearls are produced by oysters and mollusks when there is an irritant, like a grain of sand or a bead intentionally placed there by a pearl farmer, in its shell. The animal produces the nacre, the lustrous substance that makes up the body of the pearl, to try to reduce its irritation. This nacre is made of microscopic aragonite, or calcium carbonate, platelets. These platelets are held together by a substance called conchiolin, an organic binder that is similar to human hair and fingernails. Before we were able to culture pearls, they were incredibly costly symbols of wealth.

As you can imagine, a gem worn for that long of a period in human history has a whole host of legends behind it. Sometimes called the “Stone of Sincerity,” pearls should help you maintain your Jupiter retrograde related pure intentions. It has a long association with serenity, innocence, and purity. Legend tells that Cleopatra used to drink crushed pearls in her wine to ward off the danger of being poisoned. Some cultures thought they were the tears of gods and goddesses; Persian myth stated that pearls formed when a rainbow met the earth after a storm. While you endure both the Jupiter and Venus retrograde, pearls will be an excellent talisman for you. They are said to protect from risky financial behavior, as well as to overcome any insecurities you may have. Energy like that is sure to be helpful as you’re deciding what you deserve in life, and how you deserve to be treated.

loose pearls

An ancient wealth spell involved pearls, as well. You picked a fine pearl, wished on it for wealth and prosperity, and then threw the pearl away in the garbage. It was thought that throwing away something of such great value would trick the powers that be into thinking you were already prosperous, and sending more prosperity your way.

 If you’re looking for a gorgeous accompaniment to a nice strand of pearls, I suggest the Basilisk Incisor Bracelet in Brass or Silver. Fully embrace Pisces season with a gorgeous sea witch look! The juxtaposition of soft, calming pearl with a strand of cast shark teeth will let people know you’re not to be messed with; even if you’re lost in the ocean of your thoughts.

basilisk incisor teeth bracelet

P.S. A little inside scoop, we'll be incorporating pearls into our next collection which is ocean inspired. You know we gotta take things a little darker and we'll be centering the collection around the idea of Sirens; creatures simultaneously dangerous and compelling.

siren painting

"Ulysses and the Sirens" by Herbert James Draper (1909)

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