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Equine Dreams

- Elizabeth Mikutowicz -

Amish culture..something many of us know little about. They are known for simple, rural living. They value manual labor and shun many of the modern technologies available today. As such, the don't drive cars, but use horses and the traditional buggy. They're also know for plain dress harking back to an earlier time, when a man would never leave the house without a handsome wide-brimmed hat. 

Birds N Bones Jewelry Amish Style

Perhaps Amish culture brings to mind living off the land in a sub-cultural Utopian cult. Okay, it's clearly not a cult, that's just me indulging and fetishizing a group of people that I am fascinated by and in some ways admire. This fascination and admiration can transcend boundaries when incorporated into modern fashion. The Amish style is decidedly minimalist and monochromatic. It is simple and sleek. These terms could be used to describe many of our closets, and adopting an Amish inspired look can be as easy as donning a beautiful hat. 
Gladys Tamez Millinery, a Los Angeles based designer, makes hats that certainly fit the bill. Her gorgeous, sculptural hats are all made by hand. She offers seasonal collections, using materials suited to the season. Many of her designs have a subtle suggestion of an Amish style. It's not overt and thus easily adopted into any man or woman's ensemble.  
Gladys Tamez Miliner Birds N Bones Jewelry
Another way to channel Amish inspiration is through our Equus Horse Tooth Pendant. Think farmhand working the land alongside her equestrian companion. This bold piece is cast in silver and can be finished in matte or polish. If neck ware isn't your jam, we've got this kick-ass bronze Equus Tooth Keychain just begging to carry your keys.
We got the original ethically sourced tooth for our mold from local Portland store, Paxton Gate.

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