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Iron Wolf

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- Elizabeth Mikutowicz -

This week we want to focus on a couple female artists and business owners we admire. Both women specialize in their own respective craft; and they design and create all their own goods. Launching your own product line is no small task, and these two have something quite special to offer.

Feel like a warrior in armor inspired clothing. That's what Skadi Ironweaver of Iron Weaver Designs wants women to feel when they wear her pieces. She has taken the ancient art of chain mail and combined it with a beautiful craft of her own to create unique body armor. She does an incredible job of combing two unlikely materials, metal and fiber. By weaving them together, she is able to produce scale mail pieces that are soft yet strong, functional works of art. We can't help but think this is a metaphor for the female form as well. She designs and creates all styles, including scale mail bras, sleeves, gloves, and bags. Many of the items are made to order and meticulously crafted with thousands of aluminum scales. 

Iron Weaver Designs
Iron Weaver Designs
Iron Weaver Designs
They are all at once reptilian, serpentine, and armor-like. Based out of Lyon, France, Skadi has been creating these unique designs for many years and has quite an international following. Like Birds N Bones, she draws inspiration from fantasy. Perhaps that's why her pieces have fit so well in our aesthetic and photo shoots. 
. behind the scenes from a Vör Creative video shoot Zoe styled .
WolfChild Tees was created in 2013 when founder, Sabrina Wolfchild, decided to split off from the fashion design company she was working for and start her own fashion t-shirt brand. We love her t-shirts for their beautiful imagery and lux fabrics, that are also ecofriendly! Sabrina has chosen to use modal fabric, which is sustainably sourced from birch tree pulp. She draws inspiration for her designs from many places including, "ancient cultures of the world, the majestic beasts of the wild, vintage 60's and 70's rock posters, tarot card readings, flea market finds, crystals, starry skies and the mysteries of the earth and mankind." Pretty much all the cool things in life, we think!
Wolf Child Tees
Wolf Child Tees
Wolf Child Tees
Several themes speak to us when looking at the Wolf Child collection: astrology and the celestial, nature and yes those majestic beasts that influence Sabrina hold a strong presence too! The cuts and shapes are modern and effortless; all the things necessary in a tee you can throw on and feel like a million bucks in.
We imagine Wolf Child tees are what a warrior goddess wears when she wants to be more casual, yet still chic. We want in on the Scale Mail Gang and Wolf Pack please!
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