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Let's Get Foxy

- Elizabeth Mikutowicz -

After living in Japan for two years, it holds a special place in my heart. One of my absolute favorite places was a shrine in Kyoto, called Fushimi Inari. Here you can find thousands of red torii and follow their winding path up the mountain.

Inari is the Shinto god of rice and foxes are thought to be messengers of Inari. There are dozens of fox statues throughout the property, each one unique. Many of them carry a key in their mouths, which is thought to be the key to rice granary. Foxes, or kitsune, as they are known in Japanese, are common subjects in Japanese folklore. They're depicted as intelligent beings, possessing magical abilities that increase with age.

Though these statues are endearing, if you'd prefer to see a real fox, search no further than Miyagi Zao. You may have heard of Cat Cafe's or islands where tame deer wander freely, but Miyagi Zao takes the magic to a whole new level. Foxes are shy and illusive animals that we rarely even catch a glimpse of in the wild, but at this Fox Village you can interact with and feed a variety of fox species. The preserve is located in the Miyagi Zao mountains and the animals roam freely, allowing them to be as coy or curious with visitors as they naturally feel.

Japan Fox Village

Another fox, or more accurately, a foxy lady, is Audrey Kawasaki. Her paintings are done on wood and integrate the natural wood grain in a subtle yet impeccable way. Her work has an unmistakable Japanese aesthetic. She primarily features women, and there is a strong art noveau styling as well. The woman are exquisite and serene, while also possessing a somber or forlorn air about them. Many of her paintings feature animals or natural elements like plants, flowers, or water. You can view her body of work or purchase prints on her website.

Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki

Naturally, fox bones are included in the Birds N Bones collection. Featured in sterling silver, we've cast a fox baculum bone, which we call the Vulpini. It can be purchased as a pendant or earrings. If you're feeling extra foxy, why not make it a complete set?

Vulpini Earrings

Vulpini Pendant

Curious Insight Dark Venture

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