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Magical Properties of Silver

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- Jordyn  Schwersky -
Throughout the years, silver has been used by humans in medicine, electronics, photography, and more. It is one of the seven metals of antiquity, known to prehistoric humans and probably used as one of the first forms of money aside from simple bartering. And, of course, it is used abundantly in jewelry.
reticulated silver

Silver has long been associated with the moon and the divine feminine, and it has been linked with many goddesses (and gods) who represent either or both of those things.
moon gif
The Greek twins Artemis and Apollo both hunt with silver bows. Mama Quilla is an Incan goddess of the moon who is associated with silver, and eclipses were said to occur when she was eaten and then regurgitated by the Jaguar Woman. Arianrhod, a Celtic goddess of fertility, rebirth and the weaving of cosmic time and fate and Sarpandit, a Sumerian goddess of the moonrise, both have names which refer to silver (silver wheel and silver shining, respectively).

We can even use silver's atomic number, 47, to link it to the High Priestess in the tarot. By adding four and seven we get 11, and by adding one and one we get two, the High Priestess’s number. Like the High Priestess, silver is also thought to aid in clarity, awareness, and vision. As such, it is often used to make scrying mirrors and bowls, and wearing a piece of silver jewelry to bed is said to aid in dreamwork and encourage prophetic dreams. Similarly, silver’s mundane action as a conductor of energy also carries over into the world of magic, and the properties of any stone set in silver will be amplified.

Silver is also healing and purifying. Before hand sanitizer came along, water that had been stored in a silver container or into which silver coins had been placed would be given to patients and use to wash their wounds. It is even to this day sometimes used in wound dressings and ointments to reduce infection and inflammation. You can even get silver-coated bandaids. You don’t have to put silver into your body to feel its purifying effects, though. Just wearing some silver jewelry can help calm your mind and draw out negative energy.

My favorite property of silver, though, is its subtle strength. Silver withstands quite a bit of abuse when being molded, but at the end of it all we get a beautiful work of wearable art. Whenever you look at a ring or necklace or earring, that little bit of silver is a reminder to stay flexible but to persist no matter what. Whatever you are going through may hurt right now, but when it’s over you’ll be molded into something beautiful.
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