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Mercury Moving On

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We have another new month ahead of us, and a stormy multiple retrograde nearly behind us. Mercury retrograde; the most well-known and most feared; actually ended yesterday, on May 3. With May comes better astrological weather for travel plans, contracts, and moving ahead with new projects.  The current week is pretty calm astrologically, but it gives us a chance to rest up for next week.

Pluto is still in retrograde, and it is a slow-moving one. We’ll be in Pluto retrograde until September, and on the way Pluto is making some visits. On May 9, you’ll get a wonderful boost of energy from the Taurus Sun trine Pluto. This aspect is one of motivation, of a desire to know a subject fully before moving forward, an aspect that will help you with your relationships to power. It comes just in time. A full moon in Scorpio, happening on May 10, is a powerful placement. Full moons bring attention to polarities in life, and to balances.

This particular full moon is sextile Pluto, a planet of rebirth. The way you balance your work time versus your personal time, your emotions versus your sense of reason, your spiritual life versus your material one; all these things and more may need to change. If the stars are any indication, however, it will all be for the better.

This full moon comes during a week that also has interesting Mars placements and a very active Mercury. A Mars/Neptune square could bring hidden circumstances into the light. Considering the other placements happening right now, this could be a blessing in disguise. All the changes you may have to implement can be made considering this new information. Despite the chaos, most of these placements are a lot more positive on the whole than the start of 2017. 

If you’re going through a period of rebirth, Charoite is an excellent stone to keep close. This is a stone with a short history; it was known since the 1940s but was only officially discovered in 1978. This is one of those rare few gemstones that occurs in one known place in the world, near the Chara River in Siberia. It forms from a chemically unique limestone, which was subject to a chemically unique liquid intrusion.

 This one time occurrence lead to the strange, otherworldly appearance of Charoite. If you haven’t seen it in person, it can be somewhat hard to describe. There is a property in the gemstone world known as chatoyancy. We see this most regularly in the gleaming parallel lines of tiger’s eye. This effect is produced by light hitting fine, fibrous inclusions in a stone. Tiger’s eye, cat’s eye chrysoberyl, and pietersite all have this property. In tiger’s eye they’re tightly packed together and parallel, much like the fibers in fiber optic cables. Charoite’s chatoyancy contrasts with that orderly appearance; charoite’s chatoyancy goes where it wants. It still appears as tiny fibers that bounce light back to your eye, but these fibers can be in waves, ripples, or completely absent from entire sections of the stone.


The base color can be a translucent lavender all the way to deep violet, and it can have black or white inclusions throughout. Many, upon seeing it for the first time, may not believe this stone is naturally occurring. It isn’t a stretch, as the structure of its interlocking fibers creates a “plastic-like” structure that can frustrate even the best lapidary.

In metaphysical circles, charoite is known as the stone of ultimate transformation. This is a stone with associations to all the elements, but specifically with the link between those elements. This stone can show us how even dissimilar things can be related to one another, and help strike a balance in the world.

One of the biggest reasons I’d recommend getting in touch with charoite right now is its ability to help us cope with the fear of change. The stars and planets are aligning to help us throw out the old things that aren’t working for us anymore, and this stone can be like a security blanket through that transition. Charoite can help you see your way out of even the deepest ruts, gently. It is also used to help bounce back after exhaustion, something we could all use after non-stop planetary retrogrades. Purple stones are always related to the spiritual, and this is no exception. This stone will help with spiritual growth, inspiration, courage, commitment, and the ability to see and accept your limitations. If placed under your pillow, especially accompanied by an amethyst, it can help you sleep deeply and dream dreams that are free of fear.

There is a green stone, seraphinite, which has similar origins to charoite. Let us know in the comments below if you’d like to see us cover seraphinite in the future!

Also, please check out our Indiegogo to replace our damaged molds. Unfortunately Birds N Bones was not immune to our previous astrological chaos, and negligence by a casting vendor caught us by surprise. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, you’re all stars to us!


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