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Moon Magic

The Forge Collective
- Abbie Plouff -
blue moon

Early Wednesday morning, there is a very special event:

There’s a full moon.

The second one this month.

This moon is a Super Moon, and will appear larger in the sky.

At almost exactly the moment of fullness, there is a total lunar eclipse.

If you work any magick at all, this is the moon to do it. Happening right at the beginning of the calendar year like this, kicking off an eclipse season, this moon is perfect for manifestation and healing work. Even if you don’t identify as a witch, I strongly encourage you to take some time on Wednesday this week to get out your journal and write through something out want more of in your life.

But we’re not talking simple things like “more money” or “better health,” we’re talking those can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of dreams.

This moon is the perfect time to set something in motion - something that you will commit to birthing for the next two to three years. This is a moon to make your dreams come true.


So how do you use the moon to your advantage?

First off, if you know someone who has the Many Moons workbook, Sarah Gottesdiener has written an amazing, moving, and beautiful meditation and spell for this moon. The Many Moons workbook, for those of you that aren’t initiated, is a gorgeously written workbook for the next six months. It is your guide to the energy of the moon, the four major moon phases of the month, and includes tarot spreads, rituals, spells, meditations, and so much moon wisdom. These always sell out so fast, but you might know a moon babe in your life that could help you out. They have become something of a cult phenomenon within the community of activist witches.

many moons workbook


But if that’s a little intimidating to you, or you aren’t able to find a copy of the workbook, here are some suggestions for beginner witchlings about working with this moon’s energy:


  1. Get some healing work done. Go see an energy healer, get your cards read, get a massage, do something to get in to your body, centered, and work on healing. This is an incredibly supportive moon, so any healing work you may seek will be extra potent this week.
  2. Cleanse all of your crystals, tarot decks, talismans, and other spiritual objects. You can do this by placing them in your windowsill to bathe in the moonlight Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.
  3. Do an extended tarot reading for yourself around that passion project you’ve been starting. This Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse paired with Saturn in Capricorn is perfect for committing to your creativity and passion. Do an extended reading for yourself under the Blue Moon Eclipse for super-charged guidance.
  4. This is the perfect moon for candle magic. Find a candle, any color or scent that speaks to you. With a knife or a pin, carve a goal, word, or sigil to represent what you want to manifest. Light the candles, and gaze into the flame. Meditate on your goal or dream. Take out a pen and paper, and write down what you want to attract. When you feel at one with the energy of your vision, burn the paper, and send that energy out into the universe. Allow the candle to burn all the way down.

If you do any magic during this moon, check back with it. Take time with your journal to notice how things change in the days and weeks following this moon. Pay special attention around February 15, when there will be a partial solar eclipse visible in South America. You may find that the things you set in motion this week will come to fruition the week of February 15th, or you will gain new clarity on your goals at that time.


We’re all about the moon here. If you want to treat yourself, why not honor this moon with our Double-Sided Eclipse Studs or the Moonology Ring? Whether you want to pay quiet tribute to our mother in the sky, or bring the moon dramatically down to earth, we’ve got you covered. Shop all of our celestial inspired designs in our Moon Magic Collection.

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