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Rebirth, Resurrection, + Regeneration... 2017 We Talking to You

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- Elizabeth Mikutowicz -
For many of us, the end of the year is a time for reflection. 2016 was a year no doubt full of many personal successes for all you, as it was for us. We're particularly proud of the launch of this blog, as well as our Newsletter, in addition the bug focused mini collections we released. 

2016 was also a year filled with many great losses in the music and art world, not to mention the personal losses we've endured. We're in a tumultuous time, politically, and many of us are filled with fear and uncertainty for what lies ahead. 

The end of the year marks the end of one period of our lives, but also marks the beginning of another. Just as we are reflecting losses and successes, so too are we thinking of these new beginnings and what lies ahead.

Many objects, plants, and animals hold auspicious meanings for new beginnings. One such animal is the bat, which signifies transition, secrets, rebirth, and initiation. I cannot think of better words to describe the emotions I feel and experiences I go through with each yearly transition. The representation and feeling of "Secrets" seems particularly accurate this year; especially in regards to current news, media and social media where extracting the truth in presented lives / information can be difficult. 

The bat also signifies the use of spiritual intuition in all aspects of life. Let us allow this animal to be our guide and use our spiritual intuition to make choices that are right for us, decisions that make us healthier spiritually as well as physically. Let us use our spiritual intuition to reach a heightened state of awareness about our actions and decisions; how they undoubtedly affect others, and to act accordingly.
Hydra Minimus Skull

The beetle signifies resurrection, which is how many of us feel at the start of a new year; ready to begin again, fresh and renewed. Whatever it is you embark on this year, whether it is something you are reviving or initiating for the very first time, think of our beetle friend and set an intention to go along with it.

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In Celtic Symbolism, Birch Trees represent new beginnings, regeneration, hope, and the promise of what lies ahead. This is a tree that survives harsh environments by being highly adaptive and is quick to regenerate in devastated areas. These trees are also symbolic of cleansing the past and VISION QUESTS!
twigs wands necklace birds n bones jewelry

So, my friends, do not lose hope, there is much to rejoice about and we will endure whatever awaits in 2017. Remember we each have a voice, which collectively has the power to overcome. Oh, and plan some badass Dark Venture vision quests too! 
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