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Sacred Creators

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- Jordyn Schwersky -


Tarot has grown and evolved in recent years, and there are now so many beautiful, diverse, and exploratory decks out there. And with that growth, oracle decks have also become much more visible. When I first started reading tarot, I had never even heard of oracle decks. Now I throw my money at them about as often as I throw it at new tarot decks.

One of the things that makes oracle decks so appealing to both new and experienced readers alike is their flexibility. While the subtleties of the tarot shift with each new deck that comes out, all the cards still have relatively the same meaning. Oracle decks aren’t constrained by that. There are animal decks and astrology decks and decks that blend all kinds of ideas and images. Oracle decks can be whatever they want to be, and one of the more prevalent decks in today’s world of spiritual entrepreneurs is Chris Anne’s Sacred Creators Oracle.

According to Chris Anne’s website, the Sacred Creators Oracle is "an oracle system meant for the soulpreneurs, the craftspeople, the makers and the creators of the world. It was created as a tool to help bring big sacred dreams to fruition – for your business or your life.” As a witchy solopreneur myself, this deck speaks to me. The cards offer practical, straight-to-the-point messages like “cozy up with risk,” “the edge of evolution feels messy,” and “cut the cords of doubt.” One card even says “bravely market your magic.” If that isn’t the intersection of business and spirituality, I don’t know what is.

sacred creators oracle

Even if the cards offered these words and nothing else, I’d still want this deck. But they’re also beautiful. The cards feature minimal geometric designs, hand-drawn fonts, and pastel watercolors. The simple imagery lets the intentions of the cards do all the work. This deck is not meant to just look good. It’s meant to serve you in a powerful way. Again from Chris Anne’s website, “It is soul-preneurial in nature, and is meant to help you bring your projects to life.”

And as if this deck wasn’t awesome enough already, Chris Anne also has a page on her website dedicated to “business, soulpreneurial, and soul journey spreads.” There are spreads for money energetics, calling in abundance and defeating blocks, and boosting potential clients. There is even a SWOT analysis spread, which I wish I’d had when starting my own business, because no one actually enjoys making a SWOT analysis.

sacred creators oracle

While this deck is geared to “soulpreneurs,” as Chris Anne calls it, you don’t have to own a business to get guidance from this deck. The challenges of running a business are pretty similar to the challenges we all face in many different areas of life, and this deck is the perfect tool to walk you through the good, bad, and ugly aspects of whatever you’re facing at the moment.

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