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Serpentine Special

- Elizabeth Mikutowicz -

Generally in our Dark Ventures we like to feature places you can actually visit, but this place was so cool in an off-limits sort of way that we just had to feature it. Where is it, you ask? A tiny little island off the coast of Brazil, called Ilha da Queimada Grande. More colloquially, it is known as Snake Island. Not only does the island resemble a slithering serpent when viewed from an aerial perspective, but it is also inhabited by a type of venomous pit viper called the Golden Lancehead, thousands of Golden Lanceheads to be more precise. This species is endemic to Snake Island, and is so venomous, it is responsible for most lethal snake bites in Brazil. With flesh melting venom, this is not a snake you want to cross paths with. We're pretty sure no one wants to visit an island where a pit viper is never more than an arms reach away, but even if for some reason you did, the Brazilian Navy has restricted travel to the island due to the high population of venomous snakes.

In addition to being the feared star of Snake Island, snakes have long held a place in dark mythology as well. Snakes were thought to be the guardians of the underworld and even messengers between worlds. In Greek mythology, we find snakes in the Gorgons, feared female beings with living venomous snakes for hair. The well known Medusa, along with her snake-haired sisters, had the power to turn those who gazed upon her into stone. Such a powerful female figure, Medusa's image was placed upon buildings as protection. 

. illustration by J Simeth .

For your own snake protection against evil,or to channel your inner fierce Medusa, we've got you covered with something a little less alive and a little more adornment. The Wyvern Rib Bangle and the Morelia Three Bar Necklace are made from python ribs (ethically sourced from Paxton Gate). You can also chose to add precious stones like diamonds or sapphires to our rib designs. You'll feel royally serpentine for sure!

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