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Show Cast Pairing : True Blood

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Many of you may already be familiar with the hit television series True Blood. It quickly became a cult classic and is based on the novels of Charlaine Harris. It features a society where vampires cohabitate with humans in the backwoods town of Bon Temps. Serious vampire character development gives way to vampire love triangles, which is just the tip of the iceberg is this fantasy tale.

Like True Blood, dark fantasy is found in each of the Birds N Bones pieces. Each piece has unique characteristics and qualities, some of which are the perfect fit for our favorite True Blood characters.
Sookie Stackhouse, our fearless faerie and the star of the show. With telepathic abilities, Sookie would wear the Draconis Eye Studs in Ruby Sparks. Not only does this reflect her natural power to see into others' minds, the dragon eye grants protection against other supernatural creatures. 
true blood pairing hydra minimus ring

The fabulous Lafayette Reynolds is a bit of a drama queen, but cares deeply about his friends and family. He wears the Hydra Minius Skull Necklace. Cast from a bat skull, these animals, like Lafayette, are known for communing with spirits and other realms. He wears the necklace in silver as protection from the vampires he fears.

true blood pairing basilisk incisor necklace
Pam Swynford de Beaufort, the hypersexual vampire who's maker is Eric Northman, doesn't take shit from anyone. She'd wear the Basilisk Multi Incisor Necklace. Not one known for subtlety, she is fierce and is not shy to display it. This piece is a true refection of Pam.

true blood pairing elk tooth necklace
Alcide Herveauxis a werewolf and a bit of loner after disassociating from his pack. Altruistic in nature, Alcide works to live harmoniously with other supernatural beings. He wears the Brass Cervidae Tooth Pendant as a reminder of his desire to live peacefully.

What character traits do you love about yourself, or are you trying to let shine? What Birds N Bones piece will help you bring that out?
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