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The Forge Collective Blog

Tagged "Decks We Love"

Sacred Creators

Tarot has grown and evolved in recent years, and there are now so many beautiful, diverse, and exploratory decks out (click below to read more...)
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The Fox Tarot

We're still buzzing post eclipse, but we're also feeling the need to check in with ourselves, get grounded, gain focus on what's on the horizon... (click below to read more)
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Truth Seeker : Nicole Rallis

This week we had a chat with Nicole Rallis of Leila and Olive, creator of the Pythia Botanica Oracle Deck. Her lush illustrations... (click below to read more)

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Unravel The Golden Thread

 In this current digital age it seems like there are new apps coming out on the daily. Some offer convenient transportation or shopping, but it seems more rare to find an app that truly impacts... (click to read more)
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Revisiting the Renaissance

The journey of the tarot teaches us that everything in life is cyclical. The Wheel of Fortune turns and turns again, and everything old is renewed. This can be said of many things; fashion, art, spiritual practices... (click below to read more)
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