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The Forge Collective Blog

Tagged "Kinship"

Mystic Sisters

Dive into the enchanting world of Mesquite Tarot created by Aleisha Fitz and Bronwyn Walls. Interview... (click below to read more)
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The Night Shift

Nattskiftet, or The Night Shift, is an art project started on Instagram by Stockholm-based artist Lisen Haglund. The work may seem... (click below to read more)
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Light Tale : Miranda Meeks

Miranda Meeks is an astonishingly talented painter and illustrator. Her work combines realism and... (click below to read more)

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Truth Seeker : Nicole Rallis

This week we had a chat with Nicole Rallis of Leila and Olive, creator of the Pythia Botanica Oracle Deck. Her lush illustrations... (click below to read more)

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Indigo Dreams

This week I, Elizabeth, wanted to share my passion of indigo and shibori with you! I love the calming nature of indigo blue and the endless patterns... (click to read more)
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