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The Power of Chaos

- Courtney Goe -


Welcome back for the very last Birds N Bones astrology post of 2016. When thinking back on this year, it was hard to know how exactly to start. After reviewing our own posts and the movements of the stars themselves, Mars and Mercury seem to have been the dominant forces in our lives lately. This year has been about communication; this year has been about change and rebirth; this year has been about chaos.

Of course a dramatic year would end on a dramatic full moon; this year’s last is a Gemini Supermoon that coincided with the height of the Geminid meteor shower. Full moons are typically the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, this one is doubly so. All year we’ve been telling you to pause, reflect, decide what behaviors and beliefs still work for you and ditch the ones that don’t.

full moon

This has been especially true during our numerous Mercury retrograde periods in 2016, and as of December 19th we entered the fourth and final Mercury retrograde for the year. Just like the rare double Pluto/Mercury trine earlier this year, it is time to think on the sources of our own power. Are there times when you allow your own power to be wielded against you? The lingering effects of that Gemini Supermoon make this a good time to speak up. Take a moment, rest, and continue your journey through 2017 with only what helps you grow.

Trying to think of a stone to embody this year’s celestial movements was certainly not an easy task – at first. As soon as the theme of chaos emerged during my research, it was pretty clear. This year, being dominated by the disparate elements that Mars and Mercury represent, could only be symbolized by Moldavite.


Moldavite is not your typical gem. Fragments have been found along with the Venus of Willendorf, a statue uncovered in an archaeological dig dated back to about 28,000 years ago. This stone has been prized for a very long time. It is a natural glass formed by the impact of an enormous meteorite, in the larger natural glass family known as tektites. Moldavites themselves are a translucent green variety found in the Moldau River Valley, also known as Vltava in Czech. They are thought to be from an impact just shy of 15 million years ago. This variety of natural glass is thought to form when a huge meteorite impacts the surface. This impact has more destructive force than a hydrogen bomb, instantly melting part of the surface of the earth and perhaps even splashing this “melt” above the atmosphere. In a vacuum created by this impact, the melt cools and falls back to earth.

This stone is a true instance of disparate elements, the stars and the earth, forming something beautiful.

It comes as no surprise, considering that origin story, that moldavite is strongly associated with chaotic energies. Not everyone will like this stone, some people have even described feeling lightheaded the first time they handle it. In my time working in a jewelry and mineral store, no other gemstone generated such an emotional response. Many stones will promise you release from patterns and relationships that no longer serve you; moldavite offers you that release quickly, with little to no warning, and rarely in the way you’d expect. It is also strongly correlated with communication and connectivity; it is a stone that helps the heart and mind understand one another. It also connects you to the larger universe around you, and your responsibility to it. Despite the connectivity it gives you, it is a stone that is excellent to shield sensitive people in emotionally charged times. It is perfect for meditation, and can assist you in finding unconventional solutions to your troubles. If you can handle the extraterrestrial energy of this stone, it can aid you with this year’s goals of finding what really fulfills you and leaving the rest behind. For anyone who uses gemstones has a divination tool, this stone’s appearance means a dramatic change in your life for the better.

Thank you so much for joining us on our 2016 blog posts. Let us know – does moldavite seem too intense for your tastes, or is the idea of rapid change appealing? If you decide to take on the challenges that moldavite may bring, we suggest you wear our Petite Twig Vertical Necklace. It never hurts to have a portable mini magic wand when you’re wielding all that chaotic celestial power.

 twig necklace

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  • Moldavite is my favorite stone. I have few moldavites and I’m thinking about buying a new raw moldavite or a jewel with moldavite.
    In the past I was afraid for fakes/authenticity of a moldavite. If you are too, I would like to recommend you this guide how to identify real/fake moldavite: http://www.aboutmoldavites.com/books/how-to-identify-genuine-moldavites-and-moldavite-fakes/
    I learned how to tell a genuine moldavite even from a photography.

    Fran on

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