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Mad Love

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Valentine's Day got us thinking about the things we love and how we can incorporate them into our lives more. Below you'll find our favorite inspiring places and activities; all the things that bring joy to our dark hearts. 
1. Venturing into the Pacific Northwest's forests has been a huge influence on us recently- it's part of why we did our Entomology Collection. To share our forest fascination we have 12 of the most mysterious forests in the world found here
things we love, mysterious forests
Moss Swamp, Romania
2. Misty forests lead us right to our next favorite topic of explorations- botanical gardens. A personal favorite are the Huntington Gardens in California- it's basically the easiest way to time travel because you get to explore tons of different environments all in one day!
botanical gardens
Singapore Botanical Gardens
(Also, the movie Equals was shot in Singapore and now we are straight dying to go so we can see the incredible architecture + gardens in person)
3. When you're out traveling to visit insanely cool forests and botanical gardens, we figured you'd probably also be into supporting amazing animal sanctuaries. These places help protect animals and give them lives where they can be free, safe, and cared for.
animal sanctuaries
Tiritiri Matangi Open Sanctuary, New Zeland
4. The best combo of nature and animals? Natural History Museums, of course! We literally LIVE for these places. We are so thankful we met in college in San Francisco where we got to explore The California Academy of Sciences many times, those trips definitely brought us closer as friends and inspired us as artists. 
american museum of natural history
American Museum of Natural History
5. No museum hoping tour would be complete without heading to some Art Museums. Granted, we went to an art college, but even still, learning about art (paintings, drawings, photography, architecture and fashion even, really any type of art) is so beneficial to expanding your mind and spirit. We yearn for the feeling of having our minds BLOWN when we learn about art history.
best art museums
The Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy
Lastly, this isn't an activity, but we've been really feeling Baroque art as a design/styling inspiration lately. Its grandeur, drama, and method speaks to our love of detail and artistry. We were inspired by the Baroque style, and of course by the color red, as we created this collage for Valentine's Day.
Featuring our Hydra Minimus + Maximus Necklaces and Rings in Brass.
baroque art collage birds n bones jewelry
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