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Unravel The Golden Thread

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- Elizabeth Mikutowicz -
In this current digital age it seems like there are new apps coming out on the daily. Some offer convenient transportation or shopping, but it seems more rare to find an app that truly impacts your well-being.

That's where the Golden Thread App comes into play. The creators of Golden Thread Tarot, Tina Gong and Luis Borjas, have developed the most amazing tarot reading app. I think those of you that also use tarot regularly will agree, it is something we do to stay in touch and in tune with oneself. Sometimes we use tarot for general insight, during a specific phase, or in relation to a specific circumstance. The insight provided is a vehicle to further connect with oneself. This app fully supports that personal exploration in a number of different ways.
Ritual Provisions Golden Thread Tarot Birds N Bones Jewelry
. image by Molly Sunday .

When I first explored the app I was blown away by the options and level of customization it allows for. Depending on your needs and preferences you can get your "card of the day" or a full reading. There are several layout styles to choose from and you can have the reading done fully in app, or if you're like me and prefer to use your own cards, you can use the app as a supplement to learn more about doing your own readings. The ability to use the app with an actual deck that is one aspect I truly appreciate. It doesn't detract from the ancient tradition of connecting with the cards. In fact, I think it does the opposite; it reinforces the use of cards and supports further growth and comfort with a deck.

Another feature that I really love is the ability to track data on areas of inquiry, feelings and reactions to readings, and common arcana. Yes, we could glean these insights from regular journaling about our tarot experience, but this allows us to do so in super convenient and easy to decipher way.

Ritual Provisions Golden Thread Tarot Birds N Bones Jewelry

. image by Molly Sunday .

The cards in app are just as beautiful as the actual deck, which features clean lines and original illustrations stamped in gold foil. To purchase the deck or download the free app to explore for yourself, visit Golden Thread Tarot.

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