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Video Vocation

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- Zoe Cope -

Last week we touched on how we gain a huge amount of our inspiration from Nature, her creatures, and the dark side of the life cycle. This week we'd like to give you a look into a few videos that spark excitement, intrigue, ideas and awe in us. 

We'll ride this post like a wave, building up to a peak, and then carrying you down with a gentle flow. 

Poetic License





Birds N Bones stands more to us than just jewelry. We gleam inspiration from many different mediums, diverse educational sources, and through interacting with other people- be them makers, friends, family, or strangers. The things we fill our time when when we're not working, generally lead us to better ideas for our actual designs. It's that idea that when you stop looking, you find it. All we know is, you can't go wrong when you're learning, experimenting, and exploring. 

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