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Witch List : Bats

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Bats were a huge inspiration for us when it came to our Curio Draconis line. We wanted to evoke the anatomy of dragons, but with using actually (currently) existing animal bones. Bat skulls answered our macabre dreams and we use them to represent two different dragon skulls. And you know we had to do our Curio Draconis lookbook inspired by Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons. Check out this post if you want to learn more about that shoot and the otherworldly landscape we shot in.
The bat is a symbol of rebirth and depth because it is a creature that lives in the belly of the Mother (Earth). From the womb-like caves it emerges every evening at dusk. And so - from the womb it is reborn every evening (source). We went out for a nightly hunt to find you these bat and Dracula inspired gifts. 
1. Okay. So the reviews on this deck are terrible, but we had to show it just because we are such Penny Dreadful fans. Oh how we wish this deck rocked in person, but apparently the cards are flimsy and the guide book isn't very insightful. But, we couldn't not include them considering Dracula's role on the show... and the fact that we love Vanessa Ives.
penny dreadful tarot
The reviews had us like...
vanessa ives
2. Urg, you guys. This candle is so fitting it's insane. Created by Burke & Hare Co., their Dragon's Blood Candle has Vlad the Impaler on it. For those not familiar, "though Dracula is a purely fictional creation, Stoker named his infamous character after a real person who happened to have a taste for blood: Vlad the Impaler. The morbid nickname is a testament to the Wallachian prince's favorite way of dispensing with his enemies".
This candle  is fragranced with the precious red resins that create the alluring scent known as Dragon's Blood. It is a potent and earthy fragrance, infused with cedar wood and patchouli essential oils. The scent combines sweet and spicy notes to form a sophisticated complex blend. It sounds purely intoxicating to us, it'll surely lure your victims into easy blood sucking submission...
dragon's blood candle
3. We honestly came about this Bram Stoker inspired perfume without even Googling specifically for it or Dracula inspired perfumes- call it divine intervention. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab might be your new answer to apothecary items inspired by dark arts/culture. This fragrance uses bourbon vetiver with opoponax, Italian bergamot, and hay absolute. Basically the answer to your slightly masculine scented, earth loving, perfume dreams. 
bram stoker
4. This Pack Tank by ComplexGeometries is the ideal way to wear impeccably made clothing that's reminiscent of bat wings, but isn't a costume. We love the shape it has from the back, get ready to take off on your night flights in style.
witchlist outfit
5. Adrienne Rozzi is a power house screen printing (witch)craft master. Her designs are so well researched, thoughtful, and gorgeous that you can't not fall under their spell. She hand makes all of her prints in Pittsburgh at her Poison Apple Printshop studio. Her Vampire Bat was the obvious choice for this post, but make sure to browse through her other magical creations. 
poision apple print shop vampire bat
6. We've got two different bat skulls available as rings, necklaces and keychains. Let these stellar skulls declare your love for the winged creatures of the sky, mythical or not.
Hydra Minimus and maximus Skull rings
hydra maximus keychain
Hydra Minimus Skull keychain
hydra neckalces
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P.S. We just need to share a few of our fave costumes from Francis Ford Coppala's 1992 movie Bram Stoker's Dracula. The costume designer Eiko Ishioka passed away in 2012 but her spectacular creations will forever be admired by film, fashion, and beauty lovers.
dracula costume
dracula costume
dracula costume
dracula costume
dracula costume
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