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Witch List : Beetles + Scarabs

We wanted to get a little esoteric with our Witch List this week and decided to dive into the world of beetles + scarabs. We find these creatures inspiring, obviously, we just released our Entomology Collection! Spiritually the scarab beetle is associated with death and rebirth. Though the best-known culture revering scarab beetles was ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle is a widespread symbol throughout the ancient and prehistoric world. Beetles in general are very powerful, they can lift over 600 times their weight. We feel that carries into their symbolism to  represent overcoming unlikely feats in your life. We've pulled together the pieces we find reflect the strength, adaptiveness, and resourcefulness of the beetle.
1. When looking for Tarot decks with beetles, we realized The Wooden Tarot uses one for its Strength card which we totally concur with. Check out the feature we did on the deck a few months back. In regards to adornment and Tarot, we found this primo leather Goliath Beetle Patch that's perfect for adding to your favorite jacket or on your Tarot reading cloth.
Goliath Beetle Patch
2. We are on a roll with our goliath beetle imagery, and our candle find does not disappoint. The Goliath Beetle Candle is scented with Hinoki, Aloewood, Cedar, Pine, Black Tea, Moss and Smoke making this a spicy, strong and refined candle.
Goliath Beetle Candle
3. Morphing from candle scents to perfume, we found the most befitting fragrance from Olo called Tulare. Don't worry, it doesn't smell of beetles- instead it is evoking of the late evening when the light is turning golden. Wandering deep in the orange groves, the ground smells of baked dirt and dry grass.  There is the faintest hint of star jasmine drifting up from the house down the hill. All elements a beetle would surely love.
4. We are only moderately (read: totally) obsessed with the goods from Noat. Our fave design, which inspired this list, is their silver Scarab Card. The ideal space for writing your sincere thoughts, we feel this card is imbued with magic.
Scarab Card by Noat
5. We worship this prodigious Mythic Cowl by NUIT because it is literally the most fashionable way to feel like you're wearing a protective shell.
Mythic Cowl by NUIT
6. So you're decked out in the most amazing hood, have your Goliath Candle burning while you write in your Scarab card, and all that's left is to adorn your neck + ears in our beetle pieces. Some fitting treasures from our Entomology Collection are our Pincher Head Studs, Darkling Beetle + Horizontal Twig Necklace, and of course the grand daddy of them all, the Pincher Pendant
Darkling Beetle Birds N Bones Jewelry
Pincher Pendant
Pincher Head Studs
P.S. We would be neglectful of our overall self care if we didn't include something for your mind. How do we pair that with beetles? Worry not, Franz Kafka took care of that for us. His story Metamorphosis is one that has stuck with us since having to read in in high school. It starts off with our main man Gregor Samsa waking up to find that he has, well, become a giant insect. Get ready to have your mind tilted.
Franz Kafka
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