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Witch List : Minimalist + Geometric

forge collective
No lie, minimalism and geometric patterns have been super trendy. We were inspired to offer simple, clean, minimal shapes in our Simplex Collection and wanted to create a Witch List geared around simplicity and geometry.
1. This Tarot Deck by The Dreslyn answers our uncluttered design craving spirits. We love the black and white cards with their metallic silver luster, it's the perfect balance of mystic + minimal.
dreslyn tarot deck
2. We found the ideal black and white candles by A.OK to light your way while you read through the Dreslyn Tarot deck. They scream their scent in a commanding, token type, declaring that they and you have style impervious to changing trends.
A.Ok Candle
3. We've fallen under the spell of Mimi Ceramics. Mica's designs have a great balance of folk inspired, yet are modern and fun due to their color pallet and use of shapes (physical and with the use of glazes). We're crushing on the Colored Dot Pot, because 1. it's a joy to say, and 2. the size is perfect for your plant or even your desktop/dresser knickknacks.  
colored dot pot
4. Our go to gal here in Portland for minimalistic, impeccably hand crafted, stellar apparel is Lindsey of Reifhaus. Her latest AW16 designs remind us of Japanese origami + Pacific Northwest forest dwelling fashionista.  
5. When thinking of a way to incorporate a minimalistic perfume, we were drawn to Our Exoskeletons White Sage Smudge Spray. It seems like most of the time, going minimal is a reaction to overabundance and more- more clothes, more things, more wants. Smudging has been a long traditional practice for clearing away negative energy from an area or even from yourself personally. This White Sage Smudge Spray is a cleansing, healing, and purifying with a strong herbal drydown.
white sage smudge spray
6. Our Simplex Collection uses all sterling silver cast shapes. The designs are still inspired by nature, just with less bones ;) Some faves include the Check Mark Studs, Double Sided Triangle Studs, and the Faux Septum Rings.
check mark studs
double sided triangle studs
faux septum ring
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