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Witch List : Moons

Not enough can be said about the power of the moon. History has given us moon goddesses, moon temples, and even moon missions. The moon moves away from the Earth 1.6 inches a year; no wonder ancient people held the moon in such awe and respect, it was close to them and filled their sky with otherworldly light. 
We can get a taste of that closeness on Novemeber 14th on what is a coined as a Supermoon. Astrologer Richard Nolle created the term over 30 years ago and by his  definition, the full moon has to come within 224,641 miles of Earth, as measured from the centers of the moon and Earth, in order to be considered a Supermoon.
The moon is a mystic, powerful source of inspiration for many cultures and we freaking love it too. We found some easy and inspiring 3 minute Moon Rituals that you can utilize on the 14th. We also stumbled upon this lovely video by Sophie Hunger paying the ultimate homage to the Supermoon.
We decided that the best Witch List for the moon would be all encompassing. So, imagine yourself on a full moon night, heading deep into to the forest to pay your respects to the great celestial force.
1. Beyond finding the most befitting Arcana of Astrology deck by Black and the Moon, we also have The Wild Unknown's Spirit Cloth for you to do your divinations upon. 
Spirit Cloth
2. To help guide your reading, light the Apocalyptic candle. Described as a wonderfully warm, wood fragrance that opens with the hot metal notes of fires irons melded with the glorious, rare, black raspberry from Oregon. At the center, the scents of an ancient papyrus and oakmoss conjure great age while at the base, warm dark woods and the smoldering birch hint at depleted primordial forests. Yeah, we are down with all of that.
Apocalyptic Candle
3. Nothing would fit the look of this forest evening enchantment more than the Mythic Hoodie by Sisters of the Black Moon. Feel like an ancient druid as you cloak yourself in this double-lined hood with draped crossover panels.
Mythic Hoodie Sisters of the Black Moon
4. A detail not to be forgotten, we've got two beautiful scents to anoint oneself with by the light of the moon. LVENA's Midnight Tuberose Solid Perfume Balm is an intoxicatingly rich yet earthy floral scent. Like rolling around a garden at midnight with your lover; the petals, earth, and leaves crushed beneath you. Their Ghost Pine roll on perfume is the captured scent of a foggy and damp forest on an overcast day. As the soft fog rolls around the tree trunks, it chills you to the bone and let’s you know, you are not alone.
Ghost Pine
5. Like the ideal trinity, we have three moon jewelry options. Divine in its simplicity, the Full Moon Studs speak to a cycles completion. Our Moon of My Life Ring breathes magic as it adorns ones finger, and our Double Sides Eclipse Earrings create the ideal balance between full and crescent phases.
Full Moon Studs
Moon of My Life Ring
Double Sides Eclipse Earrings
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