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Witch List : Skulls

With the holidays coming up we wanted to start doing weekly Witch Wish Lists that showcase items from some of our favorite makers. This week we are getter cerebral and curated a list with skulls as our inspiration. We found this stellar article about the history of skulls as decor, with quippy lines like these:
" Throughout history, skulls have been particularly multipurpose symbols. Want to honor the dead? Use a skull. Promote eternal wisdom? Skull. Warn against corruption and temptations of the flesh? Skull." You get the idea ;)
1. First up is the Tarot deck of any anatomy loving clairvoyant's dreams, The Antique Anatomy Tarot by Black and the Moon
Antique Anatomy Tarot
2. What better object to lay ones own skull on than the Jurassic Bloom Pillow by Nicolas Come?
Jurassic Bloom Pillow
3. So now that you're rested on the dopest pillow, you can ignite your altar space for a Tarot reading with the JJ Doll Head Skull Candle by You Me and Bones
JJ Doll Head SKull Candle
4. So your space is all set, but of course you gotta fit the part too. Clothe your magical self in Wolf Child's Hereafter Tee to fully pay homage to the structure that houses your brain
Hereafter Wolf Child Tees
5. Lastly, your phalanges need some decking out while you practice with your new deck. We've got three skull ring options for ya, the Mus Skull, and our dragon skulls the Hydra Maximus and Hydra Minimus Skulls
Mus Skull Ring
Mus Skull
Hydra Maximus Skull
Hydra Minimus Skull
Hydra Minimus Skull
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