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Witch List : Witches + Wands

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Alright y’all. This theme had to be done, and we are so freaking excited to share the goodies we found.

Witches. Wands. Magic. All topics we find inspiring and we want to share with you items we think embody the power of self worth, mysticism, and love for nature. Our main inspiration point for the look of this week’s Witch List is the 2015 movie, The Witch. The events of The Witch, Robert Eggers’ acclaimed psychological horror picture, take place sixty years prior to the eradication of Satan’s workshop in Salem. The film follows William, his wife, and children, Puritans all, searching for a second beginning in New England. Freshly spurned by colonial neighbors for his religious arrogance, William and his family find a clearing in between a snarl of woods. Soon after settling in, the family is gripped by the diabolical. An interesting element to this movie is that the majority of the dialogue was taken from court documents and journals from this time period (not gonna lie, we watched with subtitles on so we could make sure we didn’t miss any key story points).

We'll be referencing wardrobe and location elements from this film, but not to worry if you haven't seen it- we'll be linking articles and including imagery to help round out the picture.  

the witch movie

read above, no need to worry ;)


1. The quintessential Tarot Deck for this post has to be Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by Uusi. The design style harkens back to medical tapestries, ancient alchemy illustrations, and also seems to draw inspiration from Minchiate cards. The Pagan Otherworlds designs stand out on their own however, and you can also get a seriously gorgeous (and well thought out) guide book to go along with the deck. The Wand Suit illustrations are beautifully rendered, with each wand having its own personality.

pagan otherworlds tarot

pagan otherworld guide book 

2. We find Ovate’s clothing to be the supreme choice when it comes to wearable wardrobe inspired by the costumes in The Witch. Audrey's designs are handmade and speak to the stark, controlled fashions popular during this time period- yet have a freshness and modernity to them. We love her color pallet and the choice of linen for the designs, it’s easy to see that every detail is considered when she conjures these garments. Check out her austere and moody look-book, befitting of the clothes and movie.


Speaking of the wardrobe from The Witch, we want to share a segment from this stellar interview with the movie's costume designer, Linda Muir.

The Witch thrives on its damning details. It seems authentically claustrophobic and austere. Threats to faith take their toll. The untouched surroundings and natural lighting allow each period detail revelrous moments of impact. Each is emboldened by the sharp focus of the picture: accents, interiors, beliefs, clothes. Clothes of the time are recreated meticulously and deserve much consideration. In a tangled forest, the straight piping on a child’s jacket is our eyes’ only source of order.

the witch costumes

3. We recently read Essence and Alchemy by Mandy Aftel where we learned the fascinating history about perfume making, alchemy, and how the two work in tandem. Not all Witches are Alchemists, but the two disciplines have plenty of overlap if one wanted to incorporate both aspects together in their practice. The main similarity is that both perfume and alchemy “separate to rejoin”, and “If alchemy is the transmutation of a lower substance to a higher, such as the turning of lead into gold, then pure scent can evoke the inspiration of beauty and love. In the world of smell, through which we so intimately communicate, to experience these rare fragrances is to unveil the mystery of romance itself (source).” 

(While on the topic of perfume and movies, if you have’t seen Perfume, Story of A Murder just cancel your other plans today and freaking watch it).


We share this information to show how we see the link between perfume and magick, a connection Olivine Atelier seems to have as well. The She Belongs There perfume description had us nodding our heads in a resounding YES. In short, “It’s amazing what happens when a woman realizes that wherever she is, wherever she goes, she’s perfect. It’s your life. You belong there.  And the warm, sexy tangle of gardenias, pikake, night-blooming jasmine and lush, smoky vanilla will remind you and keep you grounded in that knowledge.”

she belongs there

4. Bill Crisafi, how his art speaks to us knows no bounds. His work is like a fever dream of occult imagery, pagan history, and (astral)projected mysteries. We of course had to feature his Dreams in the Witch House print because of the content and also because we feel like the witch’s face is reminiscent of Vanessa Ives, which we totally love. Also, his Instagram feed is so moody and mystical you’re sure to be enamored.

dreams in the witch house bill crisafi

5. Forest scented candles are not hard to find, but we did some digging to unearth this sacred scent. Because why would we share just a simple Pine scented candle? You know we gotta go for something with more of a story. Tatiana’s Temple of Leaves candle lets you, “Sanctify your physical space with aromatics that reminisce sacred cedarwood, once used to build Japanese Temples. A combination of smoky, woody and dry elements blended with hinoki, Japanese cypress and sustainably harvested sandalwood. Middle notes of evergreen, musk + patchouli with woody and camphoraceous notes that smell earthy and masculine. A spiritual aroma of a Temple garden laden with golden Autumn leaves”. 

temple of leaves candle

6. The woods are like a character in the movie- a lot of the action and storytelling happens in them and they loom around the family like a forbidding presence.

the witch movie

the witch movie

The woods and wands have a long history of iconography when it comes to witches. Our Twig designs are like an offering; they respect the tree from which they came from, and have now become wearable talismans. You can load up with many “wands” adorning your neck with our Twig Chokers, or have your digits loaded to the max with Twig Rings, we’ve even got three earrings options that range from flashy to dainty.

birds n bones jewelry twig chokers

twig rings birds n bones jewelry

twig earrings

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