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Zodiac Jewelry Pairings

The Forge Collective Blog Birds N Bones Jewelry
- Courtney Goe -


Astrology is a complex, fascinating subject; we can’t seem to get enough. We started to wonder, if BnB pieces had signs, what would they be? You may not get that deep when you’re shopping our site, but you’re about to find out. Prepare yourself for Birds N Bones astrology!



Aries. The first zodiac sign, and often the first to lead people passionately into new endeavors. This fiery sign is self-sufficient and ambitious. They find it nearly impossible to follow instructions they do not believe to be correct. What could be better than our Hydra Maximus Dragon Skull Ring with a single diamond? Don’t worry Aries, your birthstone’s brilliance has no chance of eclipsing your own.


After the explosive energy of Aries, comes the cozier presence of Taurus. The earthiest of earth signs, Taurus is generous and hard-working. Their ambitions lie closer to home, and they love to be surrounded by beautiful things. A Taurus also loves stability. This made me think of our Cervidae Teeth Studs, made from cast elk teeth. In some cultures, elk symbolize love and stability. Or if you wanted to go for the true Taurus bull aesthetic, we also have our Faux Septum Rings!


Enigmatic Gemini. A sign that is hard to pin down, since their quick minds can be in several different places at the once. Geminis adore learning and new experiences. Witty, communicative, and complicated; I immediately thought of our Mus Skull Ring. Mice are just as complex, and they communicate through both sound and smell. Just like Gemini, they are incredibly adaptable.


Cancer may have been the easiest piece to choose. Cancer, ruled by the emotional moon, absolutely gets the Moon of My Life Ring. The choice is also appropriate because of the deep emotions that inspired the ring’s name, as you’ll know if you like Game of Thrones or the Song of Ice and Fire book series. People with a Cancer sun sign love the dark and mysterious. Their imaginations are extremely active, and despite being rational creatures they’re often drawn to the spiritual or occult.


The Pincher Pendant is perfect for Leo the lion. We didn’t have anything with a mane, but those crossed pinchers will make you the center of attention just the same. Leos are so generous and loving; no one will begrudge your time in the limelight! Leos are organizers with big ideas; their positivity makes others happy to work with them. Match up your big ideas and personality with a big, beautiful bug pendant.


Virgos embody shyness paired with strength. People with a Virgo sun tend to keep their emotions guarded, and our Xenarthra Pendant can help with that. This pendant is a cast armadillo vertebrae, and armadillos have been symbols of boundaries and protection for centuries. People with this Sun are excellently suited for the helping professions and detail oriented in their thinking.


Libra is the only sign not embodied by an animal or by people, but by an object. Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice. Sensitive, balanced, and empathetic; Libras make excellent company. The Darkling Beetle Triangle Necklace even looks like Libra’s scales, a beetle perfectly balanced on two equal lengths of chain. These chains could also be seen as Libra’s ability to see, and be influenced by, multiple perspectives on any given issue.


Scorpio is the sign of magic, sex, and death. We all know the popular scorpion symbol, but did you know snakes are also emblematic of those with a Scorpio sun? Snakes bring knowledge, and snakes empower women. Like Scorpios, snakes are symbols of death and rebirth. Carry this occult Scorpio power with you on your wrist, with our Wyvern Rib Bangle Trifecta. Sleek cast snake ribs are obscured by the design of this bangle; at first you won’t notice they’re bones. Magic hidden in plain sight is perfect for this powerfully witchy sign.


Sagittarius has a much lighter energy, but is no less powerful. This Sun sign is optimistic and carefree, and the true adventurers of the zodiac. These folks are loyal and resilient, with incredibly open minds. Their symbol is the archer, and I couldn’t help but think of arrowheads when I look at our Basilisk Incisor Ring. Add a tanzanite birthstone to your cast shark tooth for some extra Sagittarius explorer energy.


Capricorns are a dutiful, hardworking sign. This sign will finish the projects other signs start, but with which they have grown bored. They are independent and calm with an iron will. The Large Twig Choker is perfect for this sign. Beautiful enough to make an impact and show they work hard, but not likely to get in the way of the work they still have to do. Capricorns are excellent with math, music, long term planning, and debate. They are another sign that will tirelessly hunt down knowledge on subjects they love.


The Aquarius symbol is the water bearer, but Aquarius is actually an air sign. They are incredibly cerebral, another messenger in the zodiac. Aquarius is all about inspiration, science, invention, and art. Birds are a sign of thought and memory, and a lesser known symbol of this sign. For this reason I’d suggest Aquarians adorn themselves with our Passer Ring. A sparrow claw wrapped snugly around your finger; this ring will remind you of Aquarius’ strong and inventive mind.


Last, but far from least, is the mystical Pisces. Never doubt this watery signs’ intuition. It is spot on. This sign tends to go with the flow, and adapt to their surroundings no matter what. Pisceans are incredibly gentle, generous, and loving. We couldn’t help but pair the twin fish Pisces with the Darkling Beetles Kissing necklace. Two sweet little bugs in the midst of a smooch capture this sign’s kind demeanor.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our little trip through the zodiac. Do you like your sign’s piece of jewelry? Would you pick something different, and why? Please, let us know in the comments section below! Maybe we’ve even helped you pick a holiday gift for that cozy Cancer sun who has it all.

. all zodiac illustrations by Zodiac Zone .


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