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Hydra Maximus Dragon Skull Ring with Precious Stone Birds N Bones Jewelry
Hydra Maximus Dragon Skull Ring . With Precious Stones .
$ 184.00

Hydra Maximus Dragon Skull Ring . With Precious Stones .


 Large sterling silver bat skull ring on 10 gauge ring band with semi precious stones flush set along the forehead. 

Along with their sharp frontal teeth for tearing meat, dragons possess flat teeth in the back of their jaw for grinding plants and other vegetation,making them omnivores.

. Available in Matte and Polish Finish .

Stone Options:

  • Diamonds (white, black, and other various radium treated colors) 
  • Blue Sapphires
  • Red Sapphires 
  • Rubies 
  • Emeralds

. Now available with 2mm faceted birthstones . 

  • January - garnet 
  • February - amethyst 
  • March - aquamarine 
  • April - diamond 
  • May - emerald 
  • June - alexandrite 
  • July - ruby 
  • August - peridot 
  • September - sapphire 
  • October - tourmaline 
  • November – topaz
  • December - tanzanite


Note the stones you'd like in the "Special Instructions" box at check out or email us at hello@birdsnbones.com

*There are no returns/exchanges on custom stone set jewelry*